Top 10 Footballers Who Are Cry Babies

#10. David Luiz


The £50 million Sideshow Bob cry baby himself. Picture the scene. Brazil are undoubtedly the most successful international football team of all time and are hosting the World Cup, a competition they have won on five occasions, for the first time in over 60 years. The poster boy and star player is Neymar and the team is bound together by captain and leader, Thiago Silva. The Brazil side progresses through the competition, but injury and suspension rules the two of its star players out of the semi final against Germany. There’s enough confidence in the team that they’ll do it. Game day comes around and the stadium expects, a nation expects. Defender David Luiz takes it upon himself to fill the roles of both Neymar and Thiago Silva with his unique blend of attacking while attempting to defend. Germany win 7-1, Luiz breaks down in an interview and honestly who can blame him?


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