Top 10 Premier Leagues Fastest Footballers

10. Gabriel Agbonlahor (29.8 km/hr)


Team: Aston Villa
Nationality: England
Position: Striker
Salary: £50,000 per week
Gabriel Agbonlahor is perhaps Aston Villa’s fastest player on the pitch, which is why he’s made to play on the wings. It’s sad that he couldn’t be an international success for England given the skills and the amount of pace that he brings to the game. Nevertheless, Agbonlahor is a very important player for the Villa fans as he brings lots of goals to his team. Reaching to a top speed of 29.8 km/hr, he is one of the fastest players in the Premier League, but interestingly, he doesn’t even fall within the top 20 of the world’s fastest footballer. Does that mean that English game lack pacey players?


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