Top 10 Coolest Player Hairstyles in the Game

10. Stephan El Shaarawy


Team: AS Monaco FC
Position: Striker / Winger
Hairstyle name: There isn’t one (crazy version of mohawk?)
Best for: People with naturally wavy hairs
Pros: Makes you look like you’re a fun guy
Cons: Looks like you just got an electric shock
Hairstyle Rating: 7/10
El Shaarawy has by far- the most adventurous hairstyle for a footballer (maybe he chose this hairstyle because it gives him an inch of height, and makes him look taller- after all, he’s just 5’8. You’ll need plenty of haircare products to maintain such a hairstyle, but make sure you don’t sport this style if you’re going to a job interview.


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