Top 10 Billionaires That Own a Football Team

Buying a football team isn´t cheap, from the really expensive salaries of the players to the infrastructure necessary to host a match, only billionaires can upkeep such enterprise. The persons in this list add up to U$S 250 billion, a great fortune. In the last year alone they amassed U$S 26,2 billion, proving that they make money as good as Messi dodging opponents.

As a part of the luxury lives they take, some visit the most expensive cities, others decided that buying a team would be a great idea; some just did it just to have a hobby. By 2017 there are 50 billionaires that own football teams and it´s really hard to keep track of their fortune, since it goes up and down as a team in the league ranking.
Let’s see the 10 top billionaires that own a team:

1) Carlos Slim Helu – Mexico: his net worth rounds 73 billion dollars and he owns the Mexican Clubs Pachuca and León and the Spanish Real Oviedo. He made his fortune in telecommunications and now owns a kind of omnipresent empire.

2) Amancio Ortega – Spain: he´s the owner of the competitive Deportivo La Coruña of Spain. He owns a fashion retail monster called Inditex, which got him the $ 57 billion he declared.

3) George Soros – United States: his $ 19.2 billion net worth allowed him to buy the expensive Manchester United of the Premier League.

4) Alisher Usmanov – Russia: is the wealthiest man in his country with a fortune of $ 17.6 billion. He owns the Arsenal Football Club of England.

5) Lakshmi Mittal – India: his wealth is $ 16.5 billion and owns the Queens Park Rangers Football Club of England. He´s the “steel baron” of India and now owns a multinational empire.

6) Rinat Akhmetov – Ukraine: with a net worth of $ 15.5 billion that he made from owning the arena of the UEFA´s Euro 2012. He owns the FC Shakhtar Donetsk.

7) Francois Pinault – France: he masses a fortune of $ 15 billion and owns the Rennes of France. His group owns Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent and other fashion companies.

8) Paul Allen – United States: this billionaire with a $ 14.8 billion net worth bought the Seattle Sounders FC, as a declared soccer fan.

9) Jhon Fredriksen – Cyprus: an oil tanker and shipping tycoon that loves soccer and bought the Valerenga in Norway. His net worth is $ 11.5 billion.

10) Roman Abramovich – Russia: the owner of the Chelsea Football Club, he fancies bringing new stars to London, and makes the headlines because of his claims.