Top 10 Biggest Celebrity Football Fans

#10. Gerard Butler (Celtic FC)


The man who has starred in some really breathtaking movies that leave most of us craving for another flick to hit the cinemas soon, is a diehard fan of Scottish football giants, Celtic FC. Back in 2012, when Celtic played Barcelona in the Champions’ League group stages, he actually left a business dinner in Dubai to watch the game. By the end of the game, Butler was in tears as his team went on to register a remarkable and historic win. PREVIEW #9: Quite clearly, Celtic has a glut of celebrities wooed over by the charms of this traditional Scottish powerhouse. And it is no surprise that one of the most famous Scottish actors of all time, James McAvoy is a huge fan of the Hoops. He may play Professor Charles Xavier impeccably, but the Wanted star has admitted that he really missed the magic of the Scottish Premier League when Rangers were absent from the circuit. McAvoy regularly plays for the team as well every time there’s a celebrity match about to take place.


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