Top 10 Best Teams in Europe Right Now

Source: Wikimedia

Europe is full of great teams that regularly compete in some of the greatest football tournaments in the world. In order to rank these teams, UEFA has a coefficient points system based on a team’s progression and results in the Champion’s League as well as their Europa success. Here are the top 10 teams in Europe right now based on the official rankings.

10. Chelsea

Technically, Benefica takes the 10th spot in the UEFA points rankings since Chelsea has now fallen to number 13, mostly because they didn’t make an appearance in European football last year. This points loss will cost them dearly in the rankings, but they are still one of the favorites to win this year’s competition and deserve a place in the top 10.

9. Manchester City

With 94.5 points, Manchester City has gradually climbed into the top 10 European teams, but have yet to make any real impact in Europe. This year, they are up there with the best and have the same odds of winning as domestic rivals Manchester United. Will they be a team to watch this season?

8. Borussia Dortmund

With 95.7 points, Dortmund were Champion’s League finalists in 2013, and have presented themselves as a serious threat to major teams since then, including stunning victories over Tottenham and Arsenal.

7. Paris Saint-Germain

Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) has adopted a big-spending policy in recent years and the investments are starting to pay off. Though they have an aim of becoming the greatest team in the world, they actually have a genuine shot of winning the Champion’s League this year with 6/1 odds on BetStars. PSG currently stands in the 7th position in the UEFA rankings with 103.4 points.

6. Sevilla FC

Sevilla might not be a team that many would expect to be the 6th best team in Europe, but the points rankings show them firmly above PSG in terms of points with 109.9. A lot of their points

come from success in their consistent success in the Europa League, and though they are now a team capable of playing with the best, it’s unlikely they will win the Champion’s League just yet.

5. Juventus

Juventus has gone from strength to strength in recent years, showing particularly strong results in the domestic leagues. They were the 2015 Champions League finalists but ultimately have had no European trophy wins for 20+ years. Is this season the one for Juventus?

4. FC Bayern Munich

Bayern Munich stands with 122.7 points in the UEFA rankings for two reasons. First, they are regular semi-finalists in the Champions League, which they won back in 2013, and are one of the top 4 contenders to lift the cup in this year’s competition.

3. Barcelona

They are a team that needs little introduction and were once considered the best in the world. Currently, they sit at number three in the UEFA rankings with 128.9 points. The 2015 treble winners were knocked out in the quarter finals of the Champion’s League last year, leading many to believe that they have “lost it” a bit, but they are still a truly awesome team capable of winning any major competition.

2. Atletico Madrid

The second-best team in Europe with 133.9 points and regular cup winners in Europe is Atletico Madrid; although they were beaten in the finals this year by rivals Real Madrid. They may be ranked highly, but the odds on BetStars state that they have only an 18/1 shot at the Champion’s League this year. Will they slip down a few places in the ranking’s next season?

1. Real Madrid

With 151.0 points, it might come as no surprise that Real Madrid is the best team in Europe. They were the 2014 Champion’s League winners and are the current defending champions, as well as being firm favorites to win this year with 4/1 odds on BetStars. Even beyond Europe, Real Madrid might well be the best team in the world right now!