Top 10 Best Playmakers This Season (current)

#10. Dimitri Payet (Olympique de Marseille)

Both physical and mental attributes are important for the play-maker of any team. Usually he is the most important person on the pitch with the ability to decide games. It’s not just about pace or skill, but also about having the intelligence and vision to locate the gaps that others can’t whilst possessing the technique to pass the ball through almost tiny invisible spaces to a fellow team mate. Here are the ten best playmakers in the world today. Marseille’s versatile Frenchman is an all rounder. He possesses pace and power; is very quick on the ball, and can more times than not, play an accurate pass. This lethal combination of mental and physical skill makes Payet a threat to any back four. At the time of writing he has the most key passes of any player in Europe this year. Watch on:

#9. Kevin De Bruyne

It’s Wolfsburg’s magical Belgian, Kevin De Bruyne. He’s a visionary play maker, having the ability to make things happen in either roles of winger or central midfielder. His balance is what really shines during the game with a magical first touch that rarely fails him. He is currently the second player in Europe who has the most key passes. Watch on:

#8. Toni Kroos

Toni Kroos plays most of his games as a long passing creator, which means that he frequently intercepts attacks and usually wins the ball back to which he then proceeds to deliver accurate passes across the full length of the field. This season he has been an absolute wonder to watch. Watch on:

#7. Pogba

Paul Pogba is bang on form at the moment and he seems to be coming out of his shell if this season with Juventus is anything to go by. Many clubs are now keen on signing him if they can come up with the money for his hefty price tag. Watch on:

#6. Isco


This guy is improving his game at Real Madrid this season despite being left out the first team on a number of occasions. If he continues, he will most likely develop into one of the best midfielders in the world. His performances, don’t seem to be getting a lot of publicity but this is certainly one to watch. Watch on:


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