Top 10 Best Footballer Haircuts

#10. Adnan Januzaj

Due to the immense wealth and attention footballers receive it is only natural that they begin to experiment with their hair. They can afford to do it and have the potential to start trends within the fashion world as people try and copy the hairstyle of their hero. Here are the top 10 hairstyles of this past season from the world of football. What more than getting a fresh new haircut on your birthday. As he turns 20, the Manchester United star Adnan Januzaj decided to get rid of the traditional schoolboy haircut he has donned for while now and opted for a more fashionable appearance. This is by far the most modest haircut on this list.

#9. Ronaldo


With all his wealth and success one cannot blame this superstar for being experimental when it comes to his hair. There have been a few shockers in the past from Cristiano and he will be hoping this latest one will be happily accepted by his fans. He was found sporting his latest style in a recent training session.


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