Top 10 Athletes In Sports With The Most Expensive Homes

#10. Rory Mcllroy – Florida Haven: $5.2 Million


The professional golfer owns a massive 15,000 square foot home in Jupiter, Florida. Does a single man really require that much space? Valued at around $5.2 million, the extravagant haven accommodates nine bathrooms, six bedrooms, a private room, a private gym and a putting green. Located near the vicinity of the water, the house provides a perfect serene getaway to Rory from his hectic life. There is also enough space for Rory to dock a yacht should he choose to splash the cash on one. What can we say? Some people are just blessed from the heavens above. To rub salt into your wounds, the golfer also owns a property in the famous Palm Jumeirah Island in Dubai.


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