Take Our Football (Soccer) History Quiz!

ANSWERS: scroll to the bottom for all the answers!

This quiz will test the limits of your knowledge about football (soccer)!

1. Who invented football (soccer)?
A. The Romans
B. The Japanese
C. The Chinese
D. No one (in particular)

2. Which king of England passed a law against football (soccer)?
A. Robert
B. Edward
C. Henry
D. Charles

3. Who used the game to sharpen warrior’s skills?
A. The Chinese
B. The Romans
C. The Gauls
D. The Egyptians

4. Who invented vulcanized rubber football (soccer) balls?
A. Charles Goodyear
B. Dick Smith
C. H.J Lindon
D. No one knows

5. Who is allowed to touch the ball with their hands?
A. Anyone
B. The Referee
C. The Goalie
D. The Goalie and the referee

6. How long does a standard match last?
A. 60 mins
B. 45 mins
C. 90 mins
D. 75 mins

7. What is the ball usually made of?
A. Plastic
B. Cotton
C. Leather
D. Rubber

8. What is the referee’s job?
A. To enforce the rules
B. To protect the players
C. To keep score
D. To cheer on the teams

9. Which one of these is not essential in football (soccer)?
A. Footwear
B. Shin pads
C. Mouthguard
D. Socks


1. = D. No one (in particular)
2. = B. Edward
3. = B. The Romans
4. = A. Charles Goodyear
5. = D. The Goalie and the referee
6. = C. 90 mins
7. = C. Leather
8. = A. To enforce the rules
9. = C. Mouthguard