VIDEO: 10 Greatest Goal Celebrations In Football

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10. Mario Balotelli

Starting off this list is Mario Balotelli’s iconic goal celebration against Germany in the Euro 2012. After brilliant performances from the Germans throughout the tournament, they came into the semi final clash against Italy as strong favorites. However, Italy managed to pull off an upset thanks to a brace by Balotelli. After scoring his second goal of the match, Balotelli celebrated by taking off the shirt and flexing every single muscle fibers in his body.

9. Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo started his famous ‘calma, calma’ celebration during the 2-1 win over Barcelona during the 2011/12 season, which led to Madrid clinching the La Liga title at the end. Barcelona were at the peak of their dominance at the time with Pep Guardiola, and had the edge over Jose Mourinho’s Madrid. However, Ronaldo silenced the crowd at Camp Nou by scoring just three minutes after Alexis Sanchez’s equalizer, and celebrated by telling fans: “I’m here, calm down.”

8. Robbie Fowler

This celebration dates back to the 1990s. Yes, we are talking about that famous Robbie Fowler celebration he did against Everton at Anfield in 1999. Prior to the game, Fowler was accused of using cocaine by Everton fans, and was taunted throughout the match. The striker responded to the fans by mimicking snorting cocaine on one of the white lines on the pitch after his first goal. The FA, though, didn’t find the celebration very funny and suspended Fowler for four games, in addition to a £32,000 fine.

7. Mario Balotelli

Super Mario features in this list again. But this time, it’s for his celebration against Manchester United back in 2011. After scoring the first goal during the game which Manchester City won 6-1, Balotelli lifted up his shirt to reveal a question which read: “Why always me?” It was a message to the English journalists and paparazzi to leave him alone, after multiple stories came out about the Italian accidentally setting his bathroom on fire by lighting up fireworks.

6. Samuel Eto’o

Samuel Eto’o has had a brilliant football career so far, but he was already past his prime when he spent one season at Chelsea. He was already 32 by the time he made the move to England, and struggled with the physicality and quick pace of Premier League football. The Cameroonian was constantly met with critics, and even Mourinho, his manager at the time, mocked him by telling the press he doesn’t know whether Eto’o is 32 or 35. However, the striker had a chance to shine against city rivals Tottenham Hotspur after Fernando Torres picked up an injury in the pre-game warm up. Eto’o scored a goal and won a penalty during the 4-0 win for Chelsea, and celebrated like an old man by holding the corner flag and moving with one hand on his waist.

5. Peter Crouch

There are two things Peter Crouch is most known for, one being extremely tall and the other is his famous robot dance. Crouch started doing his robot dance in 2006 prior to the World Cup, and continued to do so until recently. After scoring his 100th Premier League goal last February, the striker officially retired his dance, stating he will only bring it out at parties and weddings.

4. Nani

It’s fair to say that Nani hasn’t lived up to the high expectations in his career. After arriving at Manchester United for €25.5 million and being dubbed the new Cristiano Ronaldo, he was expected to have a solid career at Old Trafford. Sold back in 2015 for not being good enough, if there are some memories Nani left behind during his time in United, most of them would be his fancy goal celebrations. The Portuguese had his own trademark somersault celebration, which was eventually banned by Sir Alex Ferguson for his own safety.

3. Francesco Totti

Francesco Totti actually planned for weeks on how he’d celebrate if he scores in his 40th Derby della Capitale appearance against Lazio. One more goal would also make him an all time top scorer in the derby, so Totti had to have a perfect celebration. He ended up scoring a brace in the game to help Roma come back after going down 2-0. After his second goal, he took his phone from goalkeeping coach Guido Nanni and took a selfie in front of the Stadio Olimpico’s Curva Sud, capturing the jubilation of Roma’s supporters behind him. This was the first time a player in a top European league did a celebration by taking a selfie.

2. Wayne Rooney

Prior to the game against Tottenham Hotspur in 2015, a video surfaced online showing Wayne Rooney getting knocked out by former teammate Phil Bardsley. After getting tons of abuse and criticism from the press, Rooney decided to celebrate his goal for Manchester United against Tottenham by imitating the boxing knockout he suffered in the video.

1. Robbie Keane

In the number one spot, we have the legendary Irish striker Robbie Keane, who is still playing football despite being 37 years old. Keane is famous for his trademark celebration, which is basically a cartwheel followed by a forward roll. He has played for 11 different clubs throughout his career, as well as 18 years with the Irish national team, making his celebration globally known.

WATCH: Greatest Goal Celebrations In Football!

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