Liverpool to Purchase Wonderkid Striker

According to the (Daily Mail), Liverpool have demonstrated extreme proficiency in their attacking element this season, accumulating the most goals of any Premier League team thus far. The dynamic trio of Mane, Coutinho, and Firmino has been astounding, not to mention having Origi and Sturridge as subs for the forwards. However, with rumors that Daniel Sturridge could be sold to West Ham in the summer, the Reds are looking to pick up another striker with skill and the potential to grow. ​

Enter Timo Werner of RB Leipzig, the controversial club of the Bundesliga and current second place holder in the league. Werner has scored 14 goals for the club this season, helping elevate their position during their debut campaign in the top flight of German football. Scoring like that in the Bundesliga is bound to grab attention, and Klopp loves his attack minded players to employ his pressing style with.

Werner is only 21 and plays internationally for Germany. He was sold to Leipzig for €8 million, and his worth has increased without doubt should Liverpool decide to go through with the purchase. As a young player yet to play with Klopp, he would serve as an excellent sub or back up option should one of Liverpool’s main three suffer an injury.

Even at such a young age, Werner as the fourth most goals in the Bundesliga, and 11 of them have come in his last 14 games. Liverpool will be eager to snatch this youth up should his from continue for the rest of the season. Klopp’s squad will be even more voracious next season with two years under his command, and Werner could learn much from serving under one of the best managers in football.