Liverpool and Bayern Munich Chase German Wonderkid

According to the (Liverpool Echo), Liverpool and Bayern Munich are racing to catch German youth star Julian Brandt. The 20 year old winger is reportedly worth €12.5 million, and both clubs are eager to obtain and harness his growing ability. Brandt currently plays for Bayer Leverkusen, and a clause in his contract would allow him to be purchased in 2018, 12 months before his contract fully expires. ​

Bayern Munich desire the youth to grow him into their midfield in the coming years, while Klopp of Liverpool most likely desires the youth to develop him into a fierce attacking winger, akin to the pressing style the German manager loves to employ. While Brandt is proving his worth at Bayer, the most valuable aspect of him is his young age. The skill is apparent, but the managers wish to grow him into their vision, which Brandt is easily capable of becoming for either.

Liverpool are currently willing to pay €20 million for the young man, a good portion more than what his contract clause says he is worth. Bayern Munich is being far more secretive, with no amount out in the open yet but plenty of talks being had with Brandt and his club.

Brandt will have to heavily consider these fantastic options. He can either play for the best club in Germany, or one of the most historic clubs in England, a club that Klopp has on the rise back to glory. Brandt will also have to consider the aspects of money and geography, as he can probably earn more in England but Germany is surely more comfortable for the young man to live in, given that it is his home nation. Either way, Brandt has the greats calling for him, and the world at his feet.