Guardiola and Mourinho Agree On One Thing

According to the (Manchester Evening News), Pep Guardiola and Jose Mourinho have been rivals across the years, though they admire one another as managers. Both are considered greats in the game of football, and while their respective teams clash on the pitch (most famously Guardiola’s Barcelona and Mourinho’s Real Madrid, now once again intense rivals in the city of Manchester), off the pitch, the managers find they have common ground. ​

Mourinho is reported to have said that he no longer believes that one club can dominate the Premier League any longer, not in the way that United did under Sir Alex. And Guardiola completely agrees with him. Guardiola believes that the level of skill on each team, both managerial and player-wise, is so high right now that the champions of each campaign will change year to year.

Not only that, but the amount of money being poured in and out of the Premier League is so great that it can gather only the best of the talent in the football world. Indeed, it does seem the goal of every player to someday play and impress in the Premier League (with the exception of playing for Real Madrid, Barcelona, or Bayern Munich). Such is the reputation of the football being played in England.

This sort of “anybody can win” mindset is proven to be true with Leicester City’s historic win last season. Guardiola believes that, like American basketball, no one team can truly stay on top. Mourinho believes it will be like this for the next decade or two, until some team can break through all the money and talent with pure tactics, or something of the like. Football itself is becoming harder as well, with players running more, playing more games, and getting less recovery time. Any team can find an opportunity to beat another, and that sort of exploitation will allow for new champions every year.