Ex-teammate Calls Cristiano Ronaldo ‘cry baby’

Cristiano Ronaldo was called a “cry baby” when he was younger due to temper tantrums he threw, revealed a former teammate. He was known to get extremely upset when the team lost or if he did not receive the ball.

Ricardo Santos played together with the current Ballon d’or player for CF Andorinha in Madeira, where Ronaldo’s father worked as a kit man. When asked today by Reuters on the Portuguese captain’s childhood nickname, Santos answered, “Cry baby.” He then explained, “Yes, because Ronaldo already loved to win like he loves today and when he lost and when other kids didn’t pass the ball to him he used to cry.”

Ronaldo and his Portugal teammates arrived on Monday to his hometown for a friendly with Sweden, as the superstar prepares to play his first ever game for the national team in the city he grew up in. They also brought their Euro 2016 trophy to showcase the fans of their success last summer.

The international Santa Catarina Airport has been renamed Cristiano Ronaldo Airport to honor the nation’s record goalscorer, and the official ceremony will be held tomorrow. It will also feature a Ronaldo statue, a museum dedicated to him, and a hotel complex named after him.