CONFIRMED: Manchester United Superstar Makes Shocking Admission

Manchester United’s great run of form in 2018 ended on Wednesday, as they suffered a 2-0 loss at Wembley to Tottenham Hotspur.

New signing Alexis Sanchez played the full 90 minutes for the Red Devils, but was unable to make an impact against a solid Tottenham side.

Christian Eriksen opened the scoring just 20 seconds after kick off, after Harry Kane and Deli Alli won a series of headers in the United box to set him up.

Any chance of United’s come back ended in the 28th minute, when the veteran center back Phil Jones miscleared Kieran Trippier’s cross and put the ball inside his own net.

Paul Pogba was surprisingly withdrawn in the 63rd minute in favor of Juan Mata, while a fellow substitute Maraouane Fellaini lasted just seven minutes on the pitch before going off injured.

When asked about Fellaini’s injury, Jose Mourinho admitted he doesn’t have good news.

“I don’t have good news,” he said during Friday’s press conference. “I don’t want to give news based on an initial approach but I don’t think the news is very good, he has a problem in his knee, is the same knee but not the same local, was internal, now external, so let’s wait a couple of more days but out of the game tomorrow.”

“It’s not an ACL, a complete rupture of any structure of the knee, we are not going so far as that,” he continued. “But we need him, CL is arriving and lots of tough matches to play and probably we are going to lose for a few weeks.

“Two, three four or five, I cannot say at the moment. They [the medical team] are still working on it.

“‘It’s an injury and I feel sorry for him personally and I feel sorry for the team because he’s an important player for us.”

Mourinho also slammed United’s performance at Wembley, particularly with the early goal conceded to Eriksen just 20 seconds after kick off.

“I don’t think it is very normal to concede a goal like we did after 15 seconds,” he said. “It is especially ridiculous because the players, they watch it before, we analyse opponents and work on opponents’ dynamics and routines.

 “The players they knew the long ball, they knew that Harry Kane – before the kick-off, is already inside the opponent’s half. We knew everything.

“Then we don’t press the ball – one mistake. We don’t pick the ball in the air – second mistake. We don’t win the second ball on the ground – third mistake. We don’t cover the inside when Eriksen comes – four mistakes.

“Four mistakes after 15 seconds and you are losing 1-0 against a good team. Then I think (we had) a good reaction.

“He (Kane) was (in our half) – if the linesman or if the referee sees it, of course, it wouldn’t be a goal, but it wouldn’t be fair for me to blame the referee.”

United Superstar Expecting a Boy

Despite United’s bad week, one good news has come out of the club as Anthony Martial is set to become a father of a baby boy.

His girlfriend, Melanie Da Cruz, broke the news on Instagram by posting a photo of her lying on a beach and “It’s a boy” written in sand.

She also added a photo of Martial celebrating a goal for sucking his thumb, a celebration common among footballers when they are expecting a child.

This will be the second child for the 22-year-old, after he got a daughter named Peyon with his ex-wife Samantha Helena two years ago.

His relationship with her, though, didn’t last along after Peyton was born. Reports came out claiming Martial cheated on Helena in January of 2016, and the couple officially split four months later.

They have since gotten into a public feud for the custody of their daughter and for Da Cruz’s involvement in their issues.

Last year, Helena branded Da Cruz a “prostitute and marriage wrecker” after her relationship fell apart with Martial.

“I asked her to stay away from him when we were having some problems and she agreed that she would.

“But she wasn’t true to her word.

“She claims it’s not just about sex with them — it’s love.

“I will never be friends with Melanie, her behavior has been disgusting.

“She knew all about me and Peyton.

“Melanie knew Anthony as they grew up in the same area of Paris but she was never interested when he was just a teenager who was good at football.

“Now he has money and attention she is interested.”

And she added, “I’ll never let her be a part of my little girl’s life.”

Then Helena took to Snapchat to rant about Da Cruz back in June, claiming she forced Martial to fight for Peyton’s custody.

She also claimed Da Cruz and Martial has gotten into a fight because the United player talked to her during a birthday party.

Martial, in return, took to Instagram to defend his current girlfriend.

He wrote, “This woman is so kind and attentive … But unfortunately you still have not understood that you are being manipulated by a person who wants that of buzz for 1 year now, who does nothing with his life besides talking to us!”

“Know, despite everything I never said anything despite the insults etc !!! You are the mother of my daughter so out of respect for my little girl I had never spoken but at some point it is necessary to stop, and stop these lies. Just to pretend to be a victim. Thank you!”